Yuri Martins embarks on a new path by leaving PartyPoker.

Yuri Martins and the orange diamond parted ways at the start of this year after working together since September 2021.

The PartyPoker team is one of the most well-known and influential teams in live and online poker, owing to its symbolic and elite group of professionals. Patrick Leonard, Jaime Staples, Matt Staples, and Yuri Martins were the four most significant grinders who represented the orange “patch” in the various tournaments of 2022.

The latter, however, revealed through his social networks that he would no longer represent this squad in 2023 and thanked his sponsor and the rest of the ambassadors.

“After over 15 months of relationship with @partypoker, I regret to inform you that we will not be working together in 2023. I had a wonderful experience working with PartyPoker and am indebted to them forever “On his Instagram account, he stated.

PartyPoker praised the effort done by his legendary team of ambassadors, streamers, and poker superstars after breaking this news.

“We appreciate your time as a member of the team. We loved every second of your trip. You are always welcome at PartyPoker’s tables, and we look forward to seeing you again soon.”

PartyPoker profile of Yuri Martins

The Brazilian grinder’s time wearing this sponsor’s jersey was more than fruitful, as he earned the title of top Latin American player in the US$ 50,000 Poker Player Championship while wearing it (WSOP entry).

In this tournament, he finished in second place and received US$ 895K, and he was also able to earn additional cash prizes. On the other side, Yuri Martins conducted streaming broadcasts, together with two Brazilian colleagues from the orange room (Joao Silao and Day Kotoviezy), on how to play and effective strategies.

During his tenure at PartyPoker, Yuri achieved a significant milestone by becoming the player with the highest ITM for 23 consecutive weeks. Only via online poker has the Brazilian-born player amassed 14 million dollars, making him the highest-earning player in his nation and the sixteenth-best in the world. According to HendonMob statistics, he has also made $5 million in live tournaments, which is not less significant.

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  • This text provides information about Yuri Martins and his departure from the PartyPoker team after working together since September 2021. Yuri is recognized as one of the top poker players and has achieved significant success both in live tournaments and online poker, making him the highest-earning player in Brazil.

  • The text provides information about professional poker player Yuri Martins parting ways with the PartyPoker team after working together for over a year. It highlights his achievements, including being the top Latin American player in the US$50,000 Poker Player Championship, and earning a significant amount of money through online and live tournaments.

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