Spain leads the PokerStars MicroMillions after ten victories over the weekend.

The MicroMillions tournament has been the focal point of PokerStars’ weekend.

Since Friday, 33 festival events have concluded, awarding €896,000 in prizes.

Ten of the thirty-three MicroMillions events have been won by Spaniards.


roldan624 (MM-61: €10 NLHE The second-year: €1,540.72).


cgu8814 (MM-64: €10 NLHE Giga Stack: €2,574.16).

J.Yaniz (MM-65: €20 NLHE Ultra KO 6-Max NLHE: €3,729.96).

Vminipichu (MM-68: €10 NLHE NLHE Bounty Hero: €2,833.81).

Peluengüebu (MM-73: €10 NLHE Ultra KO 6-Max NLHE: €2,622.32).


mariano1313 (MM-76: €5 NLHE Giga Stack: €2,299.54).

(MM-78: €2 NLHE Bounty Hero: €572.14) jongoss.

taaaalii (MM-79: €5 NLHE Ultra KO 6-Max: €1,625.23).

mimugara7 (MM-82: $50 NLHE Bounty Hero High Roller: $9,149.23)

(MM-86: $10 NLHE Bounty Hero NLHE: $2,863.29; kikovitch1996:

With 86 completed MicroMillions events, Spain has surpassed Portugal in the overall nation standings:

1st Spain: 22 victories

2nd place Portugal: 18 points. 3rd place Brazil and France: 15 points. 5th place Ukraine: 5 points. 6th place Kazakhstan: 2 points. 7th place Lithuania, Belarus, Uzbekistan, Austria, Hungary, Armenia, Thailand, Moldova, and Montenegro: 1 point.

Yesterday, La Roja accumulated a total of 21 victories, according to a tally. These are the Spanish champions:

“first 307” (PKO 10€) is more expensive than “girl8484” (PKO 5€).

“ioncle” (5€ PKO)

“antoñico1140” (PKO 20€).


“Fishaldinh0” (50 € PKO)

“ViachlackG” (Sunday PKO 20€).

“JOSINALLIN” (Bounty Builder £5) is a bounty item.

“Oddiworld” (£10 Bounty Builder)

“JuliFuego” (SuperStack £1).

“afra91” (SuperStack 5€).

“mariano1313” (MicroMillions-76) (MicroMillions-76).

“jongoss” (MicroMillions-78) (MicroMillions-78).

“taaaalii” (MicroMillions-79) (MicroMillions-79).

“mimugara7” (MicroMillions-82) (MicroMillions-82).

“kikovich1996” (MicroMillions-86).* “kikovich1996” (MicroMillions-86).

“yoloveotodo” (PKO 1). (PKO 1).

“ori246” (PKO $5).

“dablal” (PKO £10).

“santvale” (Hold’em NL £0.50).

“andynav” (Hold’em NL 2€).

The Spaniards won four doubles (noted with an asterisk in the table), and our team’s record in the HU was very unfavorable: 17 victories vs 24 seconds.

The following are the outcomes of MicroMillions events:


Blackogr6666 (MM-54. Prize: €2,434.38. Field: 2,373. Total prize fund: €21,357 (Country: Ukraine) .

lavapss1 (MM-55. Prize: $2,979.17. Field: 779. Pool of prizes: $21,033. Country: Uzbekistan.

Ren.Vass (MM-56. Prize: 1.555,75. Field: 3.710. Total prize money: $16,695 (Country: France) .

bgen02 (MM-57. Prize: 510,87. Field: 702. Prize fund: 3,159 Euros; Country: France.

Aznar77 (MM-58. Prize: $2,787.00. Field: 2,184. Total prize fund: $19,656; Country: Brazil;

rinneganen (MM-59. Prize pool: €3,685.34. Prize pool: €1,816. Field: 1,816. Total prize fund: €32,688; Country: Belarus;

UL GG BYE (MM-60. Prize: €951.21. Participant pool: €12,807. Nation: Hungary).

roldan624 (MM-61: £10 NLHE The Freshman. Prize pool: €1,540.72; participant pool: 1,703; country: Spain.

Prize: $2,543.41; Field: $1,130 Jonny70Brav (MM-62. Total prize value: $20,340; Country: Portugal;

bluffeur6220 (MM-63. Prize: €305.33. Field: 3,045. Pool of prizes: €2,741 (Country: France).


cgu8814 (MM-64: $10 NLHE Giga Stack. Prize pool: $2,574.16. Field: 2,878. Pool of prizes: £25,902 (Country: Spain).

J.Yaniz (MM-65: €20 NLHE Ultra KO 6-Max. Prize pool: €3,729.96. Field: 1,343. Pool of prizes: €24,174; Country: Spain.

Gsauer44 (MM-66; Prize: $1,247.08; Field: $1,934; Prize Pool: $8,703; Country: Portugal);


v4lent (MM-67. Prize: $3,669.95. Field: $1,020. Pool of prizes: $27,540; Country: Portugal;

Vminipichu (MM-68: £10 NLHE Heroic Bounty Hunter. Prize pool: $2,833.81. Field: 3,296. Pool of prizes: £29,664 (Country: Spain).

vamooo,gringo! (MM-69. Prize: $1,448.01. Field: 476. Prize pool: $8,570.00. Country: Brazil.)

TapiTapi14 (MM-70. Prize: $1,628.62. Field: 2,595. Pool of prizes: $11,678; Country: Portugal;

Country: Brazil. Prize: $2,326.39. Field: $1,102. Prize pool: $19,836.

lalegende35 (MM-72. Prize: £789.91. Field: 2,607. France) Peluengüebu (MM-73: £10 NLHE Prize pool: £7,039 Ultra KO 6-Max. Prize pool: €2,622.32. Field: 2,066. Prize pool: €18,594. The nation of Spain).


AVB2188 (MM-74. Prize: €6,203.91. Field: 2,299. Prize fund: €62,073 (Nation: Ukraine) .

The award for call0bok (MM-75) is $5,329.80. Field: 5,759. Pool of prizes: £51,831 (Country: Ukraine) .

mariano1313 (MM-76: €5 NLHE Giga Stack. Prize pool: $2,299.54. Field: 3,755. Total prize fund: €16,898; Country: Spain) .

The prize for guru of pain (MM-77) is €1,932.57. Field: 1,373. Prize fund: €24,714 (Nation: Ukraine) .

(MM-78: €2 NLHE Bounty Hero. Prize pool: $572.14. Field: 3,755. Prize fund: £6,759 (Nation: Spain) .

taaaalii (MM-79: €5 NLHE Ultra KO 6-Max. Prize pool: $1,625.23. Field: 3,316. Pool of prizes: £14,922 (Country: Spain).

BorKa627 (MM-80. Prize: $7,023.40. Field: 8,567. Armenia, with a prize pool of $77,103.

DonBessini (MM-81. Prize: €10,235.74. Field: 4,151. Pool of prizes: €112,077; Country: Portugal) .

mimugara7 (MM-82: £50 NLHE Bounty Hero High Roller. Prize pool: £9,149.23. Field: 1,745. Pool of prizes: €78,525 (Country: Spain) .

pieeeeeeeeeeee (MM-83. Prize pool: 4,700.44. Field: 2,185. Total prize money: 39,330; country: Thailand;

S0NITO (MM-84. Prize: £1,757.72. Field: 3,048. Pool of prizes: £13,716; Country: Portugal;

euodeioodemonio (MM-85. Prize: £3,570.97. Field: 836. Pool of prizes: £22,572 (Country: Brazil).

kikovitch1996 (MM-86: £10 NLHE Heroic Bounty Hunter. Prize pool: $2,863.29. Field: 3,183. Pool of prizes: £28 647; Country: Spain;

Today will be a new day in the MicroMillions Series. VGL, Castilians!

Responsible gaming. Underage participation in online poker is prohibited.


  • The text provides an overview of the ongoing MicroMillions tournament on PokerStars and highlights the success of Spanish players in the competition. It lists the winners of various events and provides information on the overall nation standings. The text also includes details on the prize pools and fields for each event. Overall, the text is informative and provides a summary of the tournament’s progress.

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