Save the railings of shy red Sunday at SCOOP

Since Lautaro Guerra at at the Spring Online Poker Championship The festival is very stressful for our players during the tournament.

This Sunday is no exception. In the narrow range of events that ended yesterday, none of our players stood out.

We have a small problem externally. The fringe of the festival is sunny, with Saturday’s Turko-man and Granter777 victories and Mario Navarro’s final table SCOOP Edition: $1,050 Sunday High Roller >(5th, $11,425 ) strong> and Javier Rodriguez in the Bounty Generator High Roller $530> (2. , $22,281) in a tournament our players have been wrestling with.

However, most Most of Sunday’s big tournaments end with a 24-hour delay, so we shouldn’t consider the report to be over. Today’s trajectory can affect the results of the day and overnight.


SCOOP 37-M Sunday Kickoff $109 (33 of 2,379 players): 3rd Place, ““, $39,000 Dollar.

SCOOP 37-H Sunday Kickoff $109 (33 of 726 players): 20th place, “Gandalf MR, top prize $61,000 .

SCOOP 38-M Sunday Warmup $10 9 (34 of 3,511 players): 20th, “que_te_crio“; 24. “t4t0PAGAU” topped the list with $61,000.

SCOOP 39-L Mini Sunday Million $55 (243 of 14,076 players) : 100th place, “srxakgirona“, top prize of $87,000.

SCOOP 39-M Sunday Millions$530 (2,580 players 153 out of ): 62nd, “Turko_man “; 80. “que_te_crio“; 109. “juanchiski“, prize money up to 188,000 $.

SCOOP 41 -H6-Max $1,050 (67 of 603 players): 45th, “Ramon Colillas“; 49. “Gandalf MR,” $106,000.

Comments (2)

  • Based on the text, it seems that the festival is a high-stakes and competitive tournament for the players involved. While some players have achieved victories and notable finishes, the overall results are still uncertain as there is a 24-hour delay for the bigger tournaments.

  • The text describes the stressful atmosphere at the Spring Online Poker Championship and mentions some notable players and their performance in various tournaments. It also mentions that the results of today’s trajectory can still impact the final outcome.

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