RIP Doyle: Farewell to the Godfather of American Poker and World Poker

Doyle Brunson , from his form and Recommended by comrades in the circle as “Godfather of Oak”, died at the age of 89. The exact cause of death is not yet known.

Doyle may be the most powerful symbol in our game, a reference full of local characteristics, from cowboy hats to the electric cart that allows him to travel the corridors of Rio de Janeiro, but he is still considered universal And dear ones, accept the farthest places Texas Hold’em could have been played.

The best way to extol the myth of Doyle’s legendary proportions is to get all the reasons why he’s been the mirror image of so many generations of gamers despite being a good Texas and Republican voter, He has expressed his beliefs particularly forcefully, and he has always been proud of it.

A Bridge Between Two Worlds

We learn from Doyle and other players of his generation that poker as we know it today, presented to the public as almost familiar entertainment on the Internet, television and in casinos, was once just Another tool in the profession, whores and whores are trained in the garages and back rooms of the worst caves.

Our mind sports pioneers relied on their game skills and luck at the end of their training sessions on the putting greens. Don’t get shot and robbed. The Rounders mentioned in the generation-defining films did exist, and they spent more time sleeping in their cars than motel rooms.

Thanks for the anecdote, From what Doyle shares on his blog about his cronies like Amarillo Slim or Sailor Roberts, we learn the story of how crooks who ran illegal games from town to town were responsible for His casino represents the beginning of the nascent poker community taking over poker and giving it the dignity it enjoys today.

They were the ones who took to the stage to talk about the WSOP and the first major prize handed out by the first poker room opening in the US.

The first imitated champion

WSOP is a comeback stage after years of being pictured confined to a dark room, suffocated by a cloud of tobacco smoke and killed

Mike McDermott’s dream is to beat Johnny Chan also proved to himself that he is a serious contender for the Main Event title. Chris Moneymaker became a regular on American television after winning the Million Dollar Award for less than $100 on the series. The WSOP is poker’s Green Jackets, our Jules Rimet Cup, our Wimbledon.

The WSOP was born as the number of players who discovered poker was poker’s mecca proliferated in the early 20th century. Every self-respecting player should have a day. At the WSOP, in this era of violent expansion and acceptance, few have shone quite like Doyle.

Brunson was one of the first 10 players to accept Binion’s invitation to the first WSOP, which followed in 1970 at the Horseshoe Casino. Enjoyed playing in a legal and friendly environment, they took part in a few different formats and eventually voted Johnny Moss the best player for that game by acclamation.

The WSOP has a name, the Main Event has its own entity, Doyle Brunson is the first big star to win two years in a row, and T2 with the same hand, which all of us new to poker love anecdotes.

with this At the same time it’s what old hands and youngsters talk about as they spend long afternoons out in the hallways and patios, when poker tournaments boil down to early knockouts, and when it’s not early knockouts, but when every new edition of the WSOP is an easy stop A top ten bracelet match between Doyle Brunson and Johnnie Chan, later entered by Phil Hellmuth.

At the end of the day the first thing we see in the chip count is who spent the day playing a tournament we don’t know the rules of and there’s a fairly well known player – Phil Laak for example , he has largely built his reputation as an obstacle in the way of one or the other

In the summer of 2005, Chan beat Doyle by 10 days to earn the coveted 10th gold bracelet. Neither of them won the WSOP again as the marathoner collapsed at the end of the event.

The Original Coach

Poker is a fascinating hobby, and like any pastime, it has embedded a set of rules, games, theoretical concepts, and even its own dialect. Poker newbies are ready to devour a wealth of information that will exponentially increase the enjoyment of poker.

The shockwaves of Moneymaker’s win still have countless new fans flocking to it, looking for material to satisfy their insatiable curiosity. We now have a ridiculous array of streaming services, schools, on-demand videos, and how-to guides to delve into, but back then the material was very limited and of varying quality.

Doyle Brunson is the author of the veritable poker bible, The Super System, a revolutionary book that reveals one of the greatest mysteries of our mysterious universe: If you don’t bet, you’ll never bet. Does not make your opponent fold.

and other With only about ten books published by famous authors, must be played to be successful on Hold’em, Doyle gives us an article on aggression and how to force our opponents to pay odds that will never be enough to cover the cost of betting paper. In an era when people tended to win only by flirting and betting strong hands, this book was a money printing machine.

Doyle’s competitors let us know that Doyle has been there ever since, uninterrupted management for more than half a century, he has been one of the worst customers at the poker table, and is in After revealing to the public how he did it.

Personal Brand

Doyle has always been an industry outsider. I have no doubt that both Pokerstars and Ful Tilt Poker are recruiting rivals and friends of Doyle who are trying to include him in their ranks. However, Brunson has always been aware of the value of his brand.

No one else in the poker world has an image as iconic as his cowboy hat, his WSOP success and supersystem success has brought more to his brand than any space that welcomes him into it great intrinsic value.

Few remember that one of the domains seized by the Justice Department on Black Friday was Yes, Doyle is an old-school generalist who was one of the first to use the Internet to increase the value of his advertising. He has a blog, runs a poker room and several other sites with various poker-related content.

More importantly , he was able to stay out of the Black Friday storm. After proving that his ties to were long gone, he established himself as one of the pioneers of online poker advocacy, and at the height of the Full’s Tilt Poker incident his vehement defense of Howard Lederer caused negative The publicity was spared when Lederer gave a series of interviews with PokerNews in which he denied any responsibility for the room’s debacle.

Even Phil Ivey was a victim of community hate. In contrast, Brunson’s standing has been maintained in the face of our industry’s greatest disaster.

TV Star

What sets Doyle Brunson apart from other poker legends?

Why is he better remembered than Johnny Chan, even though “Orient Express” was the first gold bracelet to reach 10, and why is his name better known than Chip Reese, who many consider the How did the greatest player of his era surpass the most legendary WSOP Main Event winner, Stu Ungar?

, simply because Doyle Brunson is loved by the medium that brought poker to every corner of the world: television.

With his appearances on Poker After Dark, especially High Stakes Poker, he became the godfather of poker from American Poker to the Godfather of World Poker.

Doyle Brunson’s character always radiates an aura as our idol pays him endless homage in front of hungry audiences who devour television content, And that TV content fills spaces where competition from an influx of new players can barely generate.

At first you were Marvel at how Daniel Negreanu, Tom Dwan, or Phil Ivey can eclipse any kind of competition, and then you witness the enormous respect and admiration they have for Doyle, who sits at a table full of mixed personalities from Art seats, who are often just Come together to honor Brunson’s character.

How many hours of television are filled with anecdotes about him?

All of these ballasts persist to this day, even after phasing out his social media activities following his wife’s long illness and his own succumbing to the most horrific illness.

The WSOP invited him to the WSOP because he was honored by his recent participation in the WSOP Honor Shuffle and cards dealt in the Main Event, as well as a standing ovation every time his cart passed through the festival crowd. The WPT hired him as one of its youngest ambassadors to advocate for the globalization of its events. PokerGO was even more glamorous in promoting his latest TV appearance than the first, when he was already a legend.

The whole industry is in There is a rush to commemorate him so that every new group of poker fans can learn about his accomplishments and their impact on poker today.

Mr. Brunson is gone, he won tournaments in the early days of competitive poker, so his family has no idea what the former college sports star, Baptist and model son was, who used to play consecutive For five days, until dizziness and exhaustion got the better of him, he succeeded. The living embodiment of Texas Hold’em, a format he found less entertaining than any other, and which he’d always wanted to stay away from the rooms where the main private games in Las Vegas were played.

Brenson is gone, but we have Doyle. our godfather.

Images via Pokernews, WSOP, University of Las Vegas, WireImage and PokerGO.


  • This text is a tribute to the poker legend Doyle Brunson, highlighting his impact on the game and his lasting legacy. It emphasizes his role in popularizing poker through television and his influential book, The Super System. Overall, the text portrays Brunson as a beloved figure and a symbol of the poker world.

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