Pedro Inglés overcomes the bubble and day 3 at the Wynn Millions in Las Vegas

The Wynn Millions seems to have waved the white flag and given up trying to compete with the WSOP Main Event or the WPT World Championship, which has dampened the informative echo of the tournament.

The Las Vegas casino has presented a $3,500 buy-in Main Event as part of a festival that, despite promising less money overall than the most prominent tournament of last year’s Wynn Millions, has not lost its appeal. Previous editions of the tournament featured a $10,000 buy-in and a $10,000,000 guaranteed, both of which contributed to the tournament’s notoriety.

Testament to all that had been achieved with the Wynn Millions brand is that we couldn’t help but keep a close eye on Pokernews’ ongoing tracking of the main event. The three Day 1s have accumulated 1,314 entries, the guaranteed now reduced to $3,000,000 has been exceeded with much greater ease than in previous editions and the Wynn will be able to boast of delivering a prize of more than $624,000 to its champion.

Our colleagues at the tables on the Strip have spotted a Spanish player among the 52 hopefuls still alive after Day 3, half of the tournament’s original length. This review will focus on Pedro Inglés, who is currently in a late stage that has long since passed the prize bubble and will result in a payout of $17,262.

Identity and nationality conflicts with players with Latin first and last names are quite frequent in the follow-ups that reach us from Las Vegas, but the truth is that Pedro is a regular visitor to the Wynn festivals, as evidenced by his previous cashes in the Wynn Summer Festival and the Wynn Fall Classic. All in 2022.

We couldn’t confirm that this was the Hispanic circuit regular they were claiming, but we wanted to show our support for our coworkers, so we put Pedro on the cover.

However, when one of our players is in a major international tournament, we will analyze his current standing, his main competitors, and the most pressing challenges he faces in order to win.

Pedro is playing with 670,000 points, from the 35th place, a bit distant from an average that has already surpassed seven figures.

The table draw has been benign and has given him with position over the greatest stacks on his table. He will be able to try to challenge two of the top five scorers in the tournament, Zach Donovan and Cliff Ziff, and will have to counter the quirky style of attorney Mark Seif, a player who briefly achieved superstar status with a double up at the 2005 WSOP, battling Negreanu, Gus Hansen or the Full Tilt pros in the prime of his career, and who has once again become a regular face on the local circuits visiting Las Vegas since the casinos reopened after the pandemic.

Table 37

Qing Liu 1,050,000 (53 bb)

Seif, Mark 1,060,000

Zach Donovan 2,070,000 (104 bb)

Pedro English 670,000 (34 bb) (34 bb)

Ron McMillen 755,000 (38 bb) (38 bb)

Phung Dao 895,000 (45 bb)

Jason DeWitt 595,000 (30 bb)

Clifford Ziff 2,485,000 (124 bb)

Andrew Esposito 745,000 (37 bb) (37 bb)

At least the genuine Wynn Millions monster wasn’t something he had to deal with. Calvin Anderson, well known for his ease of winning tournaments at Pokerstars COOP festivals, is along with Alex Foxen the most recognizable name in the tournament, but what works in his favor over the former GPI No. 1 is that Foxen has 22bb and Anderson is a chipleader and will have 164bb to try to eliminate the shortstacks he’s been dealt at the table at the start of Day 4.


  • The text discusses the Wynn Millions poker tournament and how it has changed compared to previous years, with a lower buy-in and guaranteed prize pool. It also mentions a Spanish player named Pedro Inglés who is still in the tournament and analyzes his current standing and competitors.

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