Mexico bomb: The toughest attack to defeat in 2024

Mexican Bomb: The Hardest Aztec Cash to Beat in 20...

Thanks to the Aztec’s stellar performance in 2023, the top 10 Mexicans with the biggest cashes in live poker history have changed in recent months, and a series of blowouts will be difficult – but not impossible – Repeated and will be improved this year

The biggest representatives of Mexican poker last year were the brothers Santiago and José Manuel Nadal, as well as WPT ambassadors Ángel Guillén and Luis Verardo, all strongholds that once again raised the Aztec flag in the biggest tournament in the world.

Below, CodigoPoker Mexico discusses the best bonuses of 2023, looking at what promises to be an explosive season for the best representatives of the three-color deck.

1) Santiago Nadal – $270,509

Santiago Nadal is the biggest cash prize winner in Mexican poker in 2023. He arrived in Las Vegas and finished third in the Wynn Summer Classic’s $1,440 + $160 No-Limit Hold’em tournament on June 12.

Sanpri climbs to the top of the podium, taking home US$270,509 It was a very tough event with 2,168 entries, ending with Anthony Hall’s price ended at $300,000, while other Latinos like Gustavo Mastelotto (and Nick Yunis (No. 6 , $75,644) and Julian Pineda (No. 10, $34,525) both accomplished so much.

2) Luis Velador – $211,715

On June 10, Luis Velador had his best season of the year in the Event #25 US$10K Omaha Hi-Lo 8 or Better Tournament Poker Day At the 2023 WSOP in Las Vegas, he finishedin third place for $211,715.

There were 212 entrants in the event and Velador not only finished in third place, but he was also ahead of legends like Erik Seidel who finished with $150,445 Fourth place. The other top-ranked Latin American representative is Nacho Barbero, who ranks 24th with $17,923.

3) Ángel Guilén – $182,594

In February, Angel Guilén got off to a good start in 2023 by participating in WPT Prime Australia Event #6. The so-called 5K Challenge in NLH format. On February 27, Aztec won $122,864 plus the trophy.

The competition was almost exclusively Australian with 139 competitors and 18 ITM grinders. In a very tough heads-up match, Guillen defeated the renowned Joe Hachem, the 2005 WSOP Main Event Champion, who finished in second place for $77,368

Mexican Bomb: The Hardest Aztec Cash to Beat in 20...

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    This text discusses the top Mexican poker players in 2023 and their significant cash prizes. It highlights the achievements of players like Santiago Nadal, Luis Velador, and Ángel Guilén in various tournaments, showcasing the growth and success of Mexican representatives in the poker world.

  • This text highlights the recent success of Mexican poker players in live tournaments, with Santiago Nadal leading the way with the biggest cash prize. Other notable Mexican players like Luis Velador and Ángel Guillén have also had impressive performances, showcasing the strength of the Mexican poker community on the international stage.

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