Marquez: “With hard work, success at the tables is assured”


Interview with Marquez: “Work Hard to Succeed at the Table” ACR Team Pro’s Ana Marquez shares some of her experience and advice for those looking to advance in tournaments.


Per Ana MarquezOne of the most frequent players in Spanish poker in recent years, recently interviewed by Fabián Pichara Talk about their origins and current events at the poker table.

She was named Team Pro by the ACR last year and has amassed over $2 million in live tournament earnings , the same amount she earned from online tournaments totaling over the $4 million mark .

She was exposed to college poker while studying abroad in the United States As a strategy buff , she was instantly hooked when she realized it was a fundamental adjunct to success at the poker table.

Marquez and Pichara , on the other hand, agree that women’s participation in tournaments and live events has increased in recent years , although there is still a long way to go. In fact, the Chilean said he has been teaching since 2014, but in recent months he has had far more female students than usual.

Regarding routines or habits that people in Spain adopt in their daily lives , she emphasizes meditation, exercise and healthy eating , although she admits that this part can become a real challenge of live tours, while also emphasizing that she is trying to find a Balance between sessions .

As a tournament player, she said she was very focused on learning ICM and heads-up . Although she tries to cover as much knowledge as possible, these two points are always present.

Based on the belief that success comes from hard work , she offers some advice for any woman who wants to start playing poker. Watch the video to the end, listen to the full interview and learn about her.


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