GGPoker will launch as a KSOP partner with a carnival-themed event.

The two G’s room will sponsor the King Series of Poker (KSOP) for the 2019 season, which will include five stages of a strong Brazilian circuit. The first leg of the tour will be in Rio de Janeiro between February 8 and February 14, two days before the extravagant Carioca carnival. For the first time in 2023, the festival will have two online editions and an appealing yearly ranking, the champion of which will join Team KSOP GGPoker Brazil.

GGPoker joins the Brazilian poker scene as a sponsor of the festival that identifies the stakes’ kings.

The online poker platform with the highest growth rate in the world over the last several years continues to increase its bet in Latin America. In this regard, the room of the two G’s is determined to get a foothold in the Brazilian market, and has forged a partnership that will make it the primary sponsor of the King Series of Poker (KSOP).

The partnership between GGPoker and the vivid festival established by Moises Moraes will premiere with the stop that will launch the current season for the KSOP, which will take place in Rio de Janeiro from February 8 to 14, only days before the extravagant Rio de Janeiro carnival. Due to the closeness of this enticing event, the excellent gaming room has planned a comprehensive satellite program that will give winners with guaranteed packages to transport them to the Mecca of samba for modest investments ranging from $25 to $150.

The whole schedule of these qualifiers and other pertinent information surrounding the beginning of this partnership between GGPoker and the KSOP can be found on the official website of the series,, as well as on the @GGPokerBrasil platform, website, and social media channels.

With a guaranteed prize pool of over R$35,000,000 (US$6,544,000) for the five stages revealed in this season’s KSOP on-site schedule, players will discover amazing new elements that will enhance the pleasure of visiting this circuit.

The winner of the most desired ranking on the Brazilian calendar will get a new award, and the yearly champion of the series will be sponsored and incorporated into Team KSOP GGPoker Brazil. Similarly, there will be two editions of the series on the virtual tables, with an appealing grid of contests and the most dependable software on the market.

Moisés Moraes

founder and chief executive officer of


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“This is just the beginning of a long-lasting and fruitful partnership between the world’s leading poker site and the KSOP, which aims to establish itself as the premier poker series in Latin America,” said Moises Moraes, the executive director of the festival, who did not hide his excitement over this partnership with GGPoker.

“This union will represent a great change in the dynamics of the KSOP, which will allow the circuit to achieve the highest level of worldwide recognition, so that the greatest figures of this mental discipline will be attracted to participate in the circuit,” Moraes, who founded the festival that defines the kings of the cloths in the Brazilian scene, emphasized. The series has maintained a steady development and continues to win over more and more players, owing to the immaculate organization that has distinguished it since its first edition in 2014.

The following stops are included on KSOP’s 2023 schedule:

KSOP Rio de Janeiro: February 8-14, R$5,000,000 (US$930,000) in prizes are guaranteed.

KSOP Special Balneario Cambori: April 20-30, R$15,000,000 (about $2,800,000) guaranteed.

KSOP Puerto Iguazu: June 14 to 20 – R$3. KSOP Premium Rio de Janeiro: August 2 to 11 – R$10,000,000,000 (US$1,870,000) guaranteed. KSOP Fortaleza: October 25-31, R$2,000,000 (about $370,000) guaranteed.

In addition to these live stages, two online tournaments will be held at GGPoker’s virtual tables on dates to be announced shortly.

Philip Mojave, GGPoker’s representative in Brazil

Regarding this relationship, Felipe Mojave, a shark from Brazil, stated: “As a GGPoker ambassador and business partner, I could not be more thrilled. I am familiar with the worth of KSOP and the respect it has for its players and staff, as well as its ability and great potential to connect aficionados of mind games in Brazil and Latin America. Here, we just want to maintain this heritage in every way possible so that gamers have the greatest possible experience in terms of cost-benefit and enjoyment “.

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