Gabriel Tavares breaks through with two podium finishes on PokerStars

Gabriel Tavares breaks through with two podium fin...

On Wednesday the 6th, the country’s mills return to PokerStars to once again compete for the title. The $215 Battle Royal went to Gabriel Tavares for $8,651.

Gabriel didn’t stop there. In the $530 Bounty Builder High Roller, the owner of the account “gtavares10” was eliminated in a 3-player game and pocketed an additional $4,478. In the same tournament, “vembrinquedo” finished second, earning $7,621.

In the $55 Mini Bounty Builder HR competition, “bombexploded” took home gold and $16,094 in prize money.

Jonathan “JonzStars” Rosa won the $22 Mini Battle Royale and earned $7,176. The championship has 3,277 entries.

Also on the site, “soudalusa” finished on the podium in the $33 Bounty Builder race, taking home $5,911.

Gabriel Tavares breaks through with two podium fin...

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