Dreamers: a journey through the modern world of professional poker

The Dreamer News: a journey into the modern world of professional poker. The documentary will premiere on YouTube this Friday for free, and the premiere will include a raffle in which everyone can enter for fun prizes.

A new poker documentary, The Mind of a Pro, will premiere this week, featuring some of the world’s best players competing in major tournaments, and taking viewers on a “journey through the modern world of professional poker.” .dreamer


Yau Tenhua is one of the grinders in the documentary.

The film is called “Dreamers: A New Generation Poker Documentary, directed and produced by Above the Felt founder Tom Wheaton.This will premiere on YouTube on Friday, April 14, which means you can watch it for free.

He will interview longtime professionals like Darren Elias.and Matt Berkey , Itan Rampage Yau and other content creators , Jamie Costedtand Jarman Burton , and other well-known brands in the industry

“Throughout the documentary, viewers will see players’ successes and failures, their wins and losses, and the emotional roller coaster of participating in poker tournaments at the highest levels,” the documentary said in a press release.

“Dreamer” demonstrates the willpower required to succeed in this competitive industry, while highlighting the stark differences between the casino gaming industry and the competitive aspects of poker and its community. “

The director was fortunate to follow Kerstetter, who finished fifth in the $1100 WPT Women’s Championship for $21934 and Yau won the $25K High Roller event for a career record $894240 .

When it premieres this Friday at 19:00 Eastern Time check your schedule here, some stars will be chatting with viewers on YouTube. In addition, Above the Felt has announced that they will be giving away two tournament tickets in December. After the documentary credits, random winners will be announced via YouTube chat.

Landon Theis also starred in the film. and 2003 WSOP Main Event champion Chris Manimaker , you can watch the trailer below.

The Dreamers is the newest poker documentary


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    This text is promoting two poker documentaries, “The Dreamer News” and “The Mind of a Pro,” which explore the world of professional poker. The documentaries feature renowned players and provide insights into the competitive nature of the industry, as well as the emotional highs and lows of participating in poker tournaments.

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