Doug Polk was sitting in his own living room when he lost his biggest well.

The largest pot ever was lost by Doug Polk in his own home room.

In the midst of a battle with businessman and would-be thief Bill Perkins, he did it.

One of the most powerful figures in poker, Doug Polk, has had a very exciting few days. The interview with Garrett Adelstein, the subject of the questions, was a huge triumph, but the one-on-one match versus Bill Perkins, a successful businessman, was a crushing defeat.


It is unclear at this time whether Perkins and Polk will meet again.

Polk stated on Twitter that he lost $29,800 on the day but wasn’t too upset about it. He described the outcome as “quite excellent” despite his disappointment at losing “the highest pot in Lodge Poker Room history.”

It was clear from their social media posts that both participants were having a good time with the game. Now watching some highlights, and “oh my my, this match was great,” Polk remarked. According to Perkins’s account, the experience was enjoyable despite the poor returns and positions they received in exchange for the information they provided.

Polk claimed that the following pot was the biggest ever played at The Lodge tables, and it was broadcast live on YouTube through The Lodge Card Club.

The final table’s buy-in was $100,000, and it was a $200/$400 game. After being dealt As-10 off, Doug Polk made an opening raise to $1,100 and was 3-bet to $3,800 by an opponent holding a pair of queens. Polk raised the stakes to $4000 and Perkins folded for $13,000. A J26 appeared on the flip. Perkins decided to check-call $8,500 from Polk.

After another check from Perkins, Polk pushed $52,000 into the pot, bringing the total to $43,000. The 9th player joined the table after Perkins’s call.

When Perkins realized that Polk had gambled all of his remaining US$160,000, he too began to sink. When did it all go down? Check out the clip down below to learn more.

On the river with Ace high, @DougPolkVids puts @bp22 all-in for around $160,000 effective, making it the largest pot in Lodge Poker history. Can Bill confidently judge a Pocket Queens situation?

Live coverage of the ongoing conflict can be seen here:

March 26, 2023 – Lodge Card Club Tweet from Lodge Poker Club

All of the spectators at The Lodge’s heads-up session were blown away by the phenomenal play they saw. These are some hands from the fight, which was broadcast live on YouTube, but hasn’t been rematched as of yet.



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    This text describes a poker match between Doug Polk and Bill Perkins, where Polk lost the largest pot in Lodge Poker Room history. Despite the loss, Polk seemed to take it well and described the game as excellent. The match was broadcast live on YouTube and received positive feedback from spectators.

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