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The month of February has come, and with it, the start of the KSOP GGPoker season 2023 draws closer. Next week, Rio de Janeiro will host the first stage of the most popular national circuit, which promises to be even better thanks to this year’s new collaborations. And immediately, five million Brazilian reals will be at risk in the Marvelous City.

This month’s KSOP GGPoker RJ is scheduled to take place at the Sheraton Grand Rio Hotel & Resort between the 8th and 14th. The tournament schedule has undergone modifications and additions that promise to make the competition even more wild, in addition to providing participants with several opportunities to pay.

Seven reasons why Rio de Janeiro will be a must-see next week according to the KSOP GGPoker

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Although the usual Main Event (R$1,500,000) and High Roller (R$1,000,000) will have the largest prize pools (R$1.5 million and R$1 million, respectively), several additional events will also have enormous prize pools. The Mystery Bounty format will include not one, but two events, enhancing the excitement and the opportunity for participants to win large rewards even if they do not bust.

Below is a rundown of the most important tournaments of the KSOP GGPoker RJ:

Main Event – $1,500,000

The format of the main event of the first stage of the KSOP GGPoker RJ remained the same as in previous years. The R$1.5 million Main Event will last four days. The event will feature a buy-in of R$2,500 and six qualifying days beginning on the 9th and ending on the 12th. The second day will also begin on the 12th, but the blinds will be increased to 60 minutes to enhance the players’ performance. Day 3 occurs on February 13, and the Last Day occurs on the final day of the stage on February 14.

High Roller – R$ 1 million

Rio’s High Roller event, one of the most coveted by players, will also include a guaranteed millionaire. The tournament, known for drawing the top players on the scene, will include a new element. The buy-in has raised from R$6,000 to R$7,000, and the rewards are now at R$1 million. Registration is available until Day 2 of the three-day competition, which starts on Day 12 with Day 1. On Tuesday, the tournament will conclude. Blinds begin 60 minutes after the start.

Ladies Event – R$15,000

The unique women’s event is also a new addition to the KSOP GGPoker RJ program. Unlike previous seasons, the Ladies Event is now confirmed and promises to be exceptional. The buy-in for the Ladies event is R$500, and the tournament is scheduled on Friday, October 10. The blinds are 20 minutes, and the field in Rio, which consistently draws national and international stars, promises to be much stronger.

High Roller Light – 500 000 Brazilian Reals

On the very first day of the KSOP GGPoker RJ, one of the events with the greatest guaranteed prize pool will be held. Many players see the High Roller Light as the optimal event to “warm up the engines.” The buy-in for the High Roller Light is $4,000, and the prize pool is guaranteed to be R$500,000. For the convenience of the participants, the High Roller Light will be played over two days beginning on the 8th. Day 1 will continue until the establishment of the final table, which will occur the following afternoon. The duration of the blinds is thirty minutes.

Monster Mystery KO 6-Max $5,000.

The popular Monster 6-Max has been redesigned for 2023. The competition has been strengthened and will now include a Mystery Bounty. The Monster Mystery KO 6-Max therefore promises to be one of the most entertaining events on the program. There are R$500,000 in guaranteed prize money, a buy-in of R$2,000, and 30 minutes of blinds. The last day of the series, on which the mystery envelopes will be unsealed, takes place on Tuesday (14) and promises to be quite exciting.

$300,000 for Warm Up

Also at the beginning of the series, the Warm Up is the preferred entry point for the majority of players. The tournament, which often draws large fields, is the least expensive KSOP GGPoker RJ event. A stunning R$300,000 is promised for a buy-in of R$700. The Warm Up contains three qualifiers between the eighth and ninth holes, and the crucial decision is also made on the ninth hole. Warm Up is one of the most important activities in terms of gaining points for those hoping to compete for the ranking. The duration of the blinds is thirty minutes.

$200,000 in Mysterious Bounty

There will be a tournament devoted only to the format that has proven so popular worldwide. The Mystery Bounty at KSOP GGPoker RJ will feature a buy-in of R$200,000 and will begin on February 10. The tournament entry fee is R$2,500, and there will be two qualifiers before the 11th Final Day. On this day, the envelopes containing large cash prizes are unveiled, making Mystery Bounty a tournament that is almost impossible to miss.

PLO5 Prog. KO – $100,000

Omaha enthusiasts will witness lots of action on this round. Four events will be held, including PLO, PLO5, and Dealer’s Choice, with PLO5 Prog. KO serving as the highlight. The competition, which is played with five cards and involves bounties, should include furious action. The buy-in is R$2,000 and the guaranteed prize pool is R$100,000. The PLO5 Prog. KO will span two days, beginning on Sunday (12) and concluding on Monday (13) with the Final Day (13). The blinds last thirty minutes.

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