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Dan Harrington is known for two things: winning the 1995 WSOP Main Event and writing the legendary best-selling No Limit Hold’em strategy book, Harrington On Hold’em. The three volumes were written in 2006, and the first was named the most influential book in a survey of 56 professional players conducted by 888poker last year.

However, 12 years have passed since publication and the game has changed a lot, so some of the concepts explained are not applicable to today’s more aggressive tournaments. To adapt his work to today’s times, Dan has published a new book called Harrington On Modern Tournament Poker.

This book consists of 8 parts:

  1. The Basics of No-Limit Hold’em Tournaments.
  2. Chips, blinds, ante and hand ranges.
  3. Play before the flop
  4. Play on the flop
  5. Play on the turn
  6. Play on the river Play
  7. All In
  8. Play Different Styles of Games

As with all of his books, Action Dan’s writing style is very fluid and he knows explains his concepts fluently and provides easy-to-understand hand examples. It’s a real pleasure to read because it doesn’t overuse complex math or hard-to-calculate percentages in tables.

All chapters are recommended, but the last chapter, where the author analyzes different playing styles, is particularly compelling. There he explains the relaxed and aggressive styles of today’s tournaments and how to play at different stages of the tournament. It also describes its shortcomings and how to deal with this type of player.

This is a great book for those taking their first steps in live tournaments and for those who want to study the game before playing Dare to Make a Debut in Outfits. It’s also useful for those who want to improve their tournament performance or correct mistakes. These concepts apply to online poker as well, but it applies to live events.


Comments (2)

  • This text provides an overview of Dan Harrington’s influential book on No-Limit Hold’em strategy, highlighting its impact and the need for an updated version. It praises Harrington’s writing style and recommends the last chapter, which analyzes different playing styles. It claims that the book is valuable for beginners in live tournaments, as well as those seeking to improve their tournament performance and correct mistakes, with its concepts also applicable to online poker.

  • I think this text provides a good overview of Dan Harrington’s evolution as a poker author and explains the relevance of his new book, “Harrington On Modern Tournament Poker,” in today’s poker landscape. It is a recommended read for those looking to improve their tournament game, especially for beginners and those looking to understand different playing styles.

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