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ACR Poker’s Enjoy Poker Tour final table is packed with excitement

Enjoy the exciting final table of the Enjoy Poker...

As expected, the main event of the Enjoy Poker Tour sponsored by ACR Poker produced a super final table, with the winner determined this Wednesday to take home the trophy and a $144,710 first prize.

Only this Tuesday Over seven hours of competition, the number of participants was reduced from 24 to eight players, led by Rolando Soria. Soria, who won the High Roller a few days ago, was convinced to go all out, starting with 5,180,000 chips and finishing in the same position.

Leo Fernandez hopes to once again rule his beloved Enjoy Punta del Este ).

His biggest suitor is Brazilian Murilo Pedroso, although he is more than a million chips behind with 4,130,000, and Hugo Nazar with 2,580,000 Ranked third.

Among those involved in the battle was Leo Fernandez, who experienced a renaissance. First, after failing a few times in the early stages, he finally seized his last chance to become the top player in Stage 1E Turbo, now making it to the final table with 710,000 points.

Soria has won the High Roller and now wants the Main Event.

Agustin Borges (1,345.000), Alejandro Lopez (535,000), Mariano May Lehm(455,000) and the great Richard Daubigny(370,000) complete the roster this Wednesday12:00pm Return Enjoy Punta del Este Room.

Eight people will sit on the 28th floor, complete with blinds of 30,000/60,000 and a big blind of 60,000, and will battle it out until just one person remains to claim the trophy and $144,710 check , while the runner-up will receive $101,455.

Enjoy Poker – Main Event

Buy-in: $1,650

Enter: 510

Pot: 742,050 US$

Paid Seats: 64

Next Cash: $19,295

Blinds: Level 28 (30,000/ 60,000/ 60,000/60,000)

Final Table Players Country Chips Rolando Soria 5,180,000 Murilo Pedroso 4,130,000 Hugo Sebastian Nazar 2,580,000 Lucas Agustin Borges 1,345,000 Leo Fernandez 710,000 Alejandro Lopez 535,000 Mariano Melem 455,000 Richard Dubini 370,000 Odds Table Position Player Country/Region Sponsor Award First Prize – – $144,710 2. – – – $101,455 3. – – $65,250 4. – – – $45,360 5. – – – $34,815 6. – – – $29,020 7. – – – $24,155 8. – – – $19,295 9. Martin Celume – $14,740 10. Geovanne Avila – $12,015 11. Jean Franco Sierra Oddone – $12,015 12. Gabriel Loyo – $12,015 13 Alan Ferraro – $9,560 14. Milton Desal – $9,560 15. Gaspar Fernandez – $9,560 16. Fernando Reines – $8,035 17. Evgenii Sokolov – $8,035 18. Carlos Serrano – $8,0 35 19. Axel Moyes – $6,775 20. Fabio Colonese – $6,775 21 St. Julio Belluscio – $6,775 22. Cristian Porto – $5,670 23 Julio Cesar Arocena Reyes – $5,670 24. Cid Campelo – $5,670 25 . Sergio Castellano – $4,875 26. Osvaldo Naves – $4,875 27. Jose Yu Double – $4,875 28. Milton Lodato – $4,180 29. Gaston Katzman – $4,180 30. Matias Gabrungia – $4. 180 31. Emmanuel Lopez – $4,180 32. Joshua Marquardt – $4,180 33. Gabriel Mega – $4,180 34. Alberto Bari – $4,180 35. Rene Nezhoda – $4,180 36. Eduardo Perez – $4,180 37. Ceferino Villalobos – $3,585 38. Eman Nuel Torretta – $3,585 39. Sergio Collado Diaz – $3,585 40. Jorge Dominguez – $3,585 41° Niko Koop – $3,585 42° Marcio Zacconi – $3,585 43. Pedro Álzaga – $3,585 44. Florencio Sánchez – 3,585$45. Fidalmo Ferraro – $3,585 46. Julio Cesar Garcia – $3,035 47. Mikhail Zigulev – $3,035 48. Marco Guibert – $3,035 49. Mario Niciforo – $3,035 50. Pablo Roman – $3,035 51. Mario Javier Lopez – $3,035 52 Manig Loeser – $3,035 53. Simon Steedman – $3,035 54. Juan Ignacio Repetto – $3,035 55. Federico Courdin – $2,595 56. Tomas Pugliese – $2,595 57° Jon Pardy – $2,595 58° Jesse Rosen – $2,595 59° Cassio Machado – $2,595 60 ° Ale Jandro Andión – $2,595 61° Antonio Martinac – $2,595 62. Milton Helfenstein Junior – $2,5 95 63. Jose Moure – $2,595 64. Pablo Baltrons – $2,175 The Enjoy Poker Tour #1 Schedule 2024.

Enjoy the exciting final table of the Enjoy Poker...

Play Poker Online in Germany

Online poker in Germany 2022

The online poker sector in Germany has seen significant changes. Find out how these changes have impacted local players and where they’ve relocated their poker play by reading our article.

German gambling dens

The landscape of online poker in Germany is changing, moving in the direction of complete legalization. There are already poker rooms “standing up” to them.

GGpoker, PokerStars, partypoker, and 888poker have all created their domains as of July 2022 and are developing player connections in accordance with German gambling regulations.

After the legislation changed, several rooms stopped allowing Germans, including the iPoker network, Unibet, and Winamax, although they are expected to return as soon as local licenses are available.

Despite the advent of legality, several offshore sites including PokerKing, Tigergaming, and Coinpoker persist. That’s why you won’t find them on land.

Controlling Gambling

The fast expansion of the online gambling sector in Germany, like that in many other European nations, prompted the government to begin the process of regulating it. The State Gambling Treaty (ITG) was the first legislation of its kind and put all authority for making decisions in this field squarely in the hands of the individual federal states when it was passed in 2011.

However, this law ultimately failed, and only license was introduced in the state of Schleswig-Holstein; the rest of Germany’s poker sites continued to function in the same way as those in “gray” markets. Therefore, in 2020, there was a brand-new edition of the ITG that established fresh benchmarks for both operators and players:

To get a permit, you must pay a deposit of at least €5,000,000.

Operators are required to register domains for each game type.

All player data must be compiled in one centralized limit control file.

No player may make a monthly deposit of more than €1,000. Make a specific request if you require more than 30,000.

There is a limit of 4 tables for multi-tabling.

Randomization of table seating is required.

There is a ban on internal transfers.

The house takes 5.3% of each player’s total contribution as its tax.

The GGL regulator was established for this express purpose. However, starting in 2023, it will be able to take complete responsibility for the country’s gaming regulations. At that point, only businesses that have followed the law will be granted licenses.

Time will tell how this affects offshore room activities.

Elite athletes

Only the Americans play poker better than the Germans. All of The Hendon Mob’s top 10 players in the nation are well-known not only in their own country of Germany. Koray Aldemir, Rainer Kempe, Dominik Nitsche, Ole Schemion, Christoph Vogelsang, Steffen Sontheimer, Benjamin Rolle, and Fedor Holz are among them.

Although Holz is just 29, he is the most well-known German poker player despite having retired from the game. Fedor first began competing in online tournaments in 2013, and he won the WCOOP Main Event and $1.3 million the following year.

The poker player is presently ranked 13th in the world with $33,655,809. He won more than $22 million in live events in 2015 and 2016. In the years thereafter, the “poker prodigy” has made occasional appearances at the highest stakes games.

Dominik “bounatirouIMO” Nitsche now displays the highest performances in competitions among Germans online. He has a total of $8,093,853. He won more than $3,500 in MTT prizes and has a record payout of $188,140.

Online poker in Germany 2022

Mexico bomb: The toughest attack to defeat in 2024

Mexican Bomb: The Hardest Aztec Cash to Beat in 20...

Thanks to the Aztec’s stellar performance in 2023, the top 10 Mexicans with the biggest cashes in live poker history have changed in recent months, and a series of blowouts will be difficult – but not impossible – Repeated and will be improved this year

The biggest representatives of Mexican poker last year were the brothers Santiago and José Manuel Nadal, as well as WPT ambassadors Ángel Guillén and Luis Verardo, all strongholds that once again raised the Aztec flag in the biggest tournament in the world.

Below, CodigoPoker Mexico discusses the best bonuses of 2023, looking at what promises to be an explosive season for the best representatives of the three-color deck.

1) Santiago Nadal – $270,509

Santiago Nadal is the biggest cash prize winner in Mexican poker in 2023. He arrived in Las Vegas and finished third in the Wynn Summer Classic’s $1,440 + $160 No-Limit Hold’em tournament on June 12.

Sanpri climbs to the top of the podium, taking home US$270,509 It was a very tough event with 2,168 entries, ending with Anthony Hall’s price ended at $300,000, while other Latinos like Gustavo Mastelotto (and Nick Yunis (No. 6 , $75,644) and Julian Pineda (No. 10, $34,525) both accomplished so much.

2) Luis Velador – $211,715

On June 10, Luis Velador had his best season of the year in the Event #25 US$10K Omaha Hi-Lo 8 or Better Tournament Poker Day At the 2023 WSOP in Las Vegas, he finishedin third place for $211,715.

There were 212 entrants in the event and Velador not only finished in third place, but he was also ahead of legends like Erik Seidel who finished with $150,445 Fourth place. The other top-ranked Latin American representative is Nacho Barbero, who ranks 24th with $17,923.

3) Ángel Guilén – $182,594

In February, Angel Guilén got off to a good start in 2023 by participating in WPT Prime Australia Event #6. The so-called 5K Challenge in NLH format. On February 27, Aztec won $122,864 plus the trophy.

The competition was almost exclusively Australian with 139 competitors and 18 ITM grinders. In a very tough heads-up match, Guillen defeated the renowned Joe Hachem, the 2005 WSOP Main Event Champion, who finished in second place for $77,368

Mexican Bomb: The Hardest Aztec Cash to Beat in 20...

It was bound to happen at some point: It’s a bad day for Spanish MTT players on PokerStars

It was bound to happen at some point: It's a bad d...

The Winter Series was the focus of PokerStars yesterday. Nine events were completed with €324,000 in prize money awarded. This dayagainstSpanish players because we didn’t win in the Winter Series and of the regular tournament The number of winsis much lower than usual; only 10, and the balance of the last HU’s 8 in the first 14 seconds is very negative. Portugal were the protagonists of the day in the Winter Series.

Portugal recorded five wins in nine events on the day, allowing them to advance in the overall national rankings. The flags of France, Brazil, Ukraine and Belarus were also placed on top of the podium. Spanish Winter Series overall standings lead

After 158 games, Spain leads the national rankings, but France gets closer:Spanish daily winners in multi-table tournaments

La Roja has a total of 10 wins in MTTs. These are the Spanish winners:

  1. “carlos8surf” (PKO €30). *.
  2. “Jaimestm99” (SuperStack €5).
  3. “saetuca” (SuperStack €5).
  4. “hectorgb90” (SuperStack €2).
  5. “fernrg” (bounty generator £20).
  6. “TURBOMAN22” (PKO 1€).
  7. “el 1070” (PKO 5€).
  8. “YOYIPOKER” (SuperStack Turbo €10).
  9. “CheckNorri83” (PKO €5).
  10. “richy656” (Hold’em NL €1).

The Spanish have it hosting2Doubles, in HU BalanceVery b >Negative For our team: 81st vs. 14Second Place.

Winter Series Results

  1. abatianES (WS-150. Prize money: €4,814.15. Number of participants: 5,386. Prize pool: €48,474. Country: Belarus).
  2. Drowning (WS – 151. Price: £6,532.66. Prize pool: £6,532.66. Number of entries: 1,286. Prize pool: $57,870. Country: Portugal).
  3. tchiggy (WS-152. Price: £3,774.13. Number of entries: 894. Prize: £24,138. Country: France).
  4. yopoker27 (WS-153. Prize money: $4,757.91. Number of participants: 724. Prize pool: $32,580. Country: Portugal).
  5. thiagofs 1995 (WS-154. Price: $4,719.70. Venue: $2,212. Prize pool: $39,816. Country: Brazil).
  6. f008f (WS-155. Price: £8,984.91. Venue: 725. Prize pool: £65,250. Country: Portugal).
  7. duarteinacio (WS-156. Prize money: £2,144.02. Prize pool: £1,650. Number of entries: 1,650. Prize pool: €14,850. Country: Portugal).
  8. 1gootbullets (WS-157. Prize: $3,142.61. Number of Entrants: 408. Prize Pool: $18,360. Country: Portugal).
  9. FilEz97 (WS-158. Price: €2,788.80. Number of entries: 1,277. Prize pool: €22,986. Country: Ukraine).

It was bound to happen at some point: It's a bad d...

Nosso Boteco Summer Cup starts this Thursday

The Nosso Boteco Summer Cup starts this Thursday o...

The Summer Cup 2024 will kick off this Thursday (4): the first event will be a freeroll with an additional prize of $1000! To participate in this and other tournaments, all you have to do is register on the series’ official website and play Nosso Boteco, PokerStars’ home event.

The event consists of 15 tournaments, 4 of which are freerolls and will distribute over R$ 80,000 in prizes, as well as packages for the 2024 São Paulo BSOP and reserved for the top 5 of the Summer Cup Various exclusive prizes.

Some Summer Cup highlights, in addition to the already mentioned opening freeroll starting at 7:00 pm (Brasília time), include the BSOP São Paulo Big Freeroll, which takes place on the 7th at 6 pm Held at :00, the full package of the first event of the 2024 Brazilian Poker Championship season to reward the winner; the High Roller, taking place at 7 pm on the 11th, is the most expensive tournament of the event with a buy-in of $11; and finally the Real The Poker Main Event, taking place on the 14th at 4pm, will feature a guaranteed prize of $1,000, a personalized Real Poker briefcase for the winner, and a drawing among all players participating in the tournament.

Working with major brands such as PokerStars, BSOP, FURIA, Real Poker and GamersWallet, as well as 4Bet, and inviting top ranked players to join the team, the event is sure to be a success and provide beginners and/or low stakes players with the opportunity to compete in 2024 Opportunities to excel starting in the year.

For Team PokerStars Pro and Summer Cup creator Rafael Moraes, the event is an opportunity that many players cannot miss. “I’m delighted that with the help of our partners, we can give away so many incredible prizes, including giving away a complete package to the BSOP Sao Paulo that can change the lives of poker players. It’s very gratifying.”

The Nosso Boteco Summer Cup starts this Thursday o...

This is how you can win the complete KSOP South America package

This is how you can win the complete KSOP South Am...

KSOP GGPoker South America Held in Rio de Janeiro from January 24 to February 7, with stakes of 50 million reais (approximately $10 million), it is considered the largest in history Impressive festival takes on South America, and you can play for just $25.

That’s right: every Sunday by sponsoring the Tour RoomGGPoker, you can win a package worth R $5,000 over the Main Event buy-in plus a guaranteed 15-day stay. Step Satellite Concludes in Rio

Historic KSOP South America Qualifiers are now available on GGPoker and you can enter the Qualifiers to Step in for just $25 format, played hourly between 4:00 and 8:00 Monday through Saturday.

The satellite leads the Sunday Finals day by day, with 10 complete packages including the aforementioned R$5,000 buy-in bonus and a guaranteed Main Event of $11 million. and accommodation for 15 days.

If you wish, you can also pay $250 to register for the weekly finals and skip the steps and enter directly. How to Find the KSOP Sourt America Satellite on GGPoker

Registering for the Satellite is easy: just open GGPoker and go to the ‘GGLive’ tab below Click on the top Right and apply the filter that says ‘KSOP South America’.

As you can see below, the platform will automatically show you the qualifying levels available for the day and the qualifying levels for the so-called “US$250 Mega to KSOP South America Main Event, 10 Packages”, which takes place on Sunday, The direct purchase amount is $250. KSOP GGPoker South America complete schedule

This music festival is the first stop of KSOP 2024 and will be held at the Rio Central Convention Center in Barra da Tijuca starting from 24 . January to February 7th and will make history by offering an unprecedented guarantee in Brazil, with stakes of 50 million Brazilian reals, approximately $10 million, for tournaments CodigoPoker is open to the entire Latin America’s exclusive live blog.

This explosive tournament will take place at KSOP South America and will include a 100-game tournament open to players of all skill levels. Buy-ins range from R$500 (US$100) to R$100,000 (US$20,000), making the latter the highest buy-in tournament in Latin poker history.

This is how you can win the complete KSOP South Am...

Book: Dan Harrington on Modern Tournament Poker


Dan Harrington is known for two things: winning the 1995 WSOP Main Event and writing the legendary best-selling No Limit Hold’em strategy book, Harrington On Hold’em. The three volumes were written in 2006, and the first was named the most influential book in a survey of 56 professional players conducted by 888poker last year.

However, 12 years have passed since publication and the game has changed a lot, so some of the concepts explained are not applicable to today’s more aggressive tournaments. To adapt his work to today’s times, Dan has published a new book called Harrington On Modern Tournament Poker.

This book consists of 8 parts:

  1. The Basics of No-Limit Hold’em Tournaments.
  2. Chips, blinds, ante and hand ranges.
  3. Play before the flop
  4. Play on the flop
  5. Play on the turn
  6. Play on the river Play
  7. All In
  8. Play Different Styles of Games

As with all of his books, Action Dan’s writing style is very fluid and he knows explains his concepts fluently and provides easy-to-understand hand examples. It’s a real pleasure to read because it doesn’t overuse complex math or hard-to-calculate percentages in tables.

All chapters are recommended, but the last chapter, where the author analyzes different playing styles, is particularly compelling. There he explains the relaxed and aggressive styles of today’s tournaments and how to play at different stages of the tournament. It also describes its shortcomings and how to deal with this type of player.

This is a great book for those taking their first steps in live tournaments and for those who want to study the game before playing Dare to Make a Debut in Outfits. It’s also useful for those who want to improve their tournament performance or correct mistakes. These concepts apply to online poker as well, but it applies to live events.


Gabriel Tavares breaks through with two podium finishes on PokerStars

Gabriel Tavares breaks through with two podium fin...

On Wednesday the 6th, the country’s mills return to PokerStars to once again compete for the title. The $215 Battle Royal went to Gabriel Tavares for $8,651.

Gabriel didn’t stop there. In the $530 Bounty Builder High Roller, the owner of the account “gtavares10” was eliminated in a 3-player game and pocketed an additional $4,478. In the same tournament, “vembrinquedo” finished second, earning $7,621.

In the $55 Mini Bounty Builder HR competition, “bombexploded” took home gold and $16,094 in prize money.

Jonathan “JonzStars” Rosa won the $22 Mini Battle Royale and earned $7,176. The championship has 3,277 entries.

Also on the site, “soudalusa” finished on the podium in the $33 Bounty Builder race, taking home $5,911.

Gabriel Tavares breaks through with two podium fin...

KSOP Special: Adriano Kutelo Doubles Down on Day 1A of Warm-Up

Adriano Kutelo doubles down on AA vs. KK cooler in...

The wait is over! The KSOP GGPoker Special has begun in Balneário Camboriú, with three events taking place on the first day in the beautiful city of Santa Catarina. Big names have already made their mark on Day 1A in the traditional warm-up, the cheapest race on the schedule.

Among them was Adriano Kutelo, a well-known figure in the Santa Catarina race. The first hand he played in a tournament made him laugh when a crazy AA x KK cooler doubled up his stack early.

In the 100/100 blinds, a player raises UTG to 300 chips. Adriano Kutelo made the move in the CO and 3-bet to 1,500. The UTG player acts again and decides to 4-bet to 5,300.

Kutelo didn’t hesitate to put in his initial stack of 20,000, going all-in five times. UTG called immediately and showed his cards. Adriano only needs to dodge his opponent’s cards and see the community card to immediately guarantee his tournament fold. What a check!

Adriano Kutelo doubles down on AA vs. KK cooler in...

The Sprint Race racing promotion on Pokerdom has a total prize pool of ₽2,500,000

Daily rake contests, stakes poker tournaments

Pokerdom’s new leaderboard piques the curiosity of cash players. It’s time for another commission competition where participants can increase their starting balance by 1% every day.

The poker room’s Srpint rake competition has a total bonus of 1%. The prize pool is 2,500,000 spread across two separate leaderboards. You can win a share of the rake race pot by playing Texas Hold’em cash games between March 27 and April 2 or Omaha between April 3 and 9.

The top 45 players compete for the total guarantee every day.

Features of the PokerStars Loyalty Program (including rebates)

No Limit Texas Hold’em will is the first poker game to feature leaderboards. The bonus depends on the league in which the player achieves his goal and the stakes he plays.

Position at the top of the leaderboard

From 50, LIGA A

From 15/30 to 25/50: LEAGUE B (inclusive)

LEAGUE C from 5/10 to 10/20 (inclusive)

No-Limit Hold’em Poker Ranking of the Day Once it’s over, the next day’s Omaha leaderboard will automatically begin. This is very similar to Texas Hold’em, with the main difference being the amount of money awarded to each finisher.

Ranking in the table LEAGUE A: 50/100 and above LEAGUE B: 15/30 to 25/50 (inclusive)

LIGA C from 5/10 to 10/20 (inclusive)

Important: For every RUR a player collects, he will receive 1 point on the scoreboard. You can track your rewards in the “Active Promotions” section of the Poker Room Checkout. Have success at the poker table!

Daily rake contests, stakes poker tournaments

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