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PokerStars Mega Satellite Offers 15 Guaranteed Bundles For Brasilia BSOP

Poker is taking over the federal capital. Between June 1 and 6, the BSOP will visit Brasilia for the first time since 2020. Before the stage begins, players from all over the country can qualify for the festival in a number of ways, and perhaps the best way is tomorrow.

Starting at 9pm, PokerStars is hosting a $162 Super Satellite, where at least 15 guaranteed packs will be drawn. All qualifier winners will receive a BRL 3,000 entry fee to the Main Event and six nights’ bed and breakfast at the Royal Tulip Alvorada Hotel, home of BSOP Brasília.

On stage, all Satellites will receive exclusive access to the PokerStars VIP Lounge, an area where players can relax during breaks. You’ll also get free water, coffee, snacks and massages, and you can take home a PokerStars promotional bag.

It may be cheaper to attend BSOP Brasília, as PokerStars is also hosting multiple sub-satellites of the Mega Satellite this Tuesday (16th). Check them out:

17:03 – 2 GTD Seats $11

18:03 – 2 Axis GTD $11

19:03 – 3 $22 for each axis waves GTD

20:03 – $11 with 2 waves GTD

20:03 – $16.50 with 1 GTD seat

20:33 – $2 with 3 waves GTD

BSOP Brasília has a $1 million prize pool and 25 events.

Dreamers: a journey through the modern world of professional poker

The Dreamer News: a journey into the modern world of professional poker. The documentary will premiere on YouTube this Friday for free, and the premiere will include a raffle in which everyone can enter for fun prizes.

A new poker documentary, The Mind of a Pro, will premiere this week, featuring some of the world’s best players competing in major tournaments, and taking viewers on a “journey through the modern world of professional poker.” .dreamer


Yau Tenhua is one of the grinders in the documentary.

The film is called “Dreamers: A New Generation Poker Documentary, directed and produced by Above the Felt founder Tom Wheaton.This will premiere on YouTube on Friday, April 14, which means you can watch it for free.

He will interview longtime professionals like Darren Elias.and Matt Berkey , Itan Rampage Yau and other content creators , Jamie Costedtand Jarman Burton , and other well-known brands in the industry

“Throughout the documentary, viewers will see players’ successes and failures, their wins and losses, and the emotional roller coaster of participating in poker tournaments at the highest levels,” the documentary said in a press release.

“Dreamer” demonstrates the willpower required to succeed in this competitive industry, while highlighting the stark differences between the casino gaming industry and the competitive aspects of poker and its community. “

The director was fortunate to follow Kerstetter, who finished fifth in the $1100 WPT Women’s Championship for $21934 and Yau won the $25K High Roller event for a career record $894240 .

When it premieres this Friday at 19:00 Eastern Time check your schedule here, some stars will be chatting with viewers on YouTube. In addition, Above the Felt has announced that they will be giving away two tournament tickets in December. After the documentary credits, random winners will be announced via YouTube chat.

Landon Theis also starred in the film. and 2003 WSOP Main Event champion Chris Manimaker , you can watch the trailer below.

The Dreamers is the newest poker documentary

Jose Lesta wins the BSOP Sao Paulo Big Pot Turbo

José Lesta won the R$800 NLH Big Pot Turbo Championship at the 2023 BSOP São Paulo tournament on Saturday, April 1. The great player was regularly featured in the best matches of the Brazilian Tour, taking the opportunity to win another trophy on Brazilian soil.

To claim this title, José 🇦🇷 had to beat 183 players to win a prize of R$ 26,100. In a head-to-head match, he beat Bruno Bittar 🇧🇷, who took home R$17,600 for second place. Fernando Viana 🇧🇷 was on the podium and received R$ 12,100.

Jose Lesta has been winning BSOP tournaments since 2017 , according to Hendon Mob . In an interview with SuperPoker, he celebrated the success with the following comment:

“It’s always nice to win and I love being here. Whenever I can, I take advantage of the time I have to play in the BSOP,” Jose said.

🔰 Big Pot Turbo Bottom Line and Prizes:

1. José Lesta 🇦🇷 (Argentina) – 26,100 reais.2. Bruno Bitar 🇧🇷——17600 reals3. Fernando Viana 🇧🇷 – 12,100 reals4. Gustavo Menezes 🇧🇷 – 9,860 reais5. Gabriel Baleeiro 🇧🇷 – 7,870 reais6. Marcio Ferraz 🇧🇷 – 6,050 reals7. Jose Aronstein 🇧🇷 – 4,400 reais8. Ellen Moreto 🇧🇷 – 3,180 reals9. Brenno Vicente 🇧🇷——2630 reais

Image and source: SuperPoker

Hand Big Pot Bsop Jose Lesta BSOP Sao Paulo

Hand Big Pot Bsop Jose Lesta BSOP Sao Paulo

About BSOP Sao Paulo 2023

BSOP returns to the luxurious Sheraton World Trade Center Hotel in the famous “Ballroom”. With a high-level structure, many new features in the tournament schedule and plenty of poker, the event will run from March 29th to April 4th . A scene with high participation and high prizes, the BSOP stage in Sao Paulo always makes people excited.

Pedro Padilha cracks Event #23 of Super Million$ Week on GGPoker | – Online poker magazine

Shine in Three Events at GGPoker Mega Millions Week

, Brazilian Pedro Padilha won Event #23: $1,050 Wednesday Double Stack. The title netted the Samba Poker Team members $66,161. In the $250 Daily Main Event, account owner “d bergkamp” beat 277 players to win $12,352. Ricardo “rickzera” Rocha and Marcelo “MasesNeto” Aziz were the other Brazilians at the final table, finishing 3rd and 4th for $6,945 and $5,208 respectively.

Do you know GG Poker? Register your account and start playing now!

Mental bandwidth and how it affects players

How mental bandwidth may restrict gamers

A player’s mental capacity for poker may be further restricted due to a shortage of resources.

El ancho de banda mental y cómo puede limitar a los jugadores

The same way that the bandwidth of an Internet connection might restrict online engagement, there is a mental equivalent that can lead a player to make less progress in his game.

Maslow’s pyramid explains quite effectively how humans continually attempt to fulfill fundamental needs before moving on to more specialized and complicated ones; the fact is that if the base of the pyramid is not met, it is very difficult to concentrate on other activities.

At the level of poker game psychology, the idea of mental bandwidth has started to be used to explain a process involving a scarcity environment and how it influences decision making both at and away from the tables.

Lack of resources, such as money, time, or energy, is one of the most common causes of productivity loss. For example, being obsessed with debt repayment might cognitively reduce this bandwidth, leaving little room to prepare for other concerns in the future.

Those who are most impacted by mental bandwidth

Barry Carter, who is also persuaded that players who confront the lowest limits of poker are the most impacted, is one of many who has articulated this view.

“If you’re a low-level player, you almost always have a day job or are a student.” This is a literal illustration of bandwidth, since your priority will always be paying the bills before poker.”

Although the micro levels in online poker are typically the simplest to overcome in general, the hefty rake that most rooms charge on these betting limits may also be a consideration to consider in the so-called mental bandwidth. 

To reduce this psychological element, whether you are just starting out in poker or want to make it your primary pastime, make sure you have your fundamental requirements met for a long time and that they are not dependent on the game.

All the virtual wiping action

All the action from the virtual tables is detailed

Oscar Barriga, MAXelODIOSO, and Uriel Sandoval all had outstanding sessions on the best day to play, which was also the best day to play.

The best day to play has passed, and our grinder took part in defining the best online tournaments. At the conclusion of the session, they won the following prizes:

MAXelODIOSO, who placed second in Bounty Builder Series 2, received the highest payout of 20,337 dollars. Oscar xXROMmMEOXx Barriga (shown on the cover) finished in fourth place and won $10,839 in this event.

Uriel Sury8E Sandoval was the most active participant, as he won the Hotter 33 PKO and placed second in the Bounty Builder 82 for a total of US$6,815. Santiago santi.shrek Varela, meantime, placed second in the Bounty Builder 320 and won $4,532 in prize money.

In contrast, the kikesilvero grinder placed second in Bounty Builder 44 and won $7,774. Menguado, who placed one position lower in the Bounty Builder 5.50, got 1,214 dollars. Miguel Miguel ball9 Ball finished third in Bounty Builder 33 and earned $4,051.

Milo2408 placed sixth in the Sunday Special $108 for $1,635 Bounty Hunters competition. Allbusiness placed seventh in the second edition of this competition, earning $1,058.

Doug Polk was sitting in his own living room when he lost his biggest well.

The largest pot ever was lost by Doug Polk in his own home room.

In the midst of a battle with businessman and would-be thief Bill Perkins, he did it.

One of the most powerful figures in poker, Doug Polk, has had a very exciting few days. The interview with Garrett Adelstein, the subject of the questions, was a huge triumph, but the one-on-one match versus Bill Perkins, a successful businessman, was a crushing defeat.


It is unclear at this time whether Perkins and Polk will meet again.

Polk stated on Twitter that he lost $29,800 on the day but wasn’t too upset about it. He described the outcome as “quite excellent” despite his disappointment at losing “the highest pot in Lodge Poker Room history.”

It was clear from their social media posts that both participants were having a good time with the game. Now watching some highlights, and “oh my my, this match was great,” Polk remarked. According to Perkins’s account, the experience was enjoyable despite the poor returns and positions they received in exchange for the information they provided.

Polk claimed that the following pot was the biggest ever played at The Lodge tables, and it was broadcast live on YouTube through The Lodge Card Club.

The final table’s buy-in was $100,000, and it was a $200/$400 game. After being dealt As-10 off, Doug Polk made an opening raise to $1,100 and was 3-bet to $3,800 by an opponent holding a pair of queens. Polk raised the stakes to $4000 and Perkins folded for $13,000. A J26 appeared on the flip. Perkins decided to check-call $8,500 from Polk.

After another check from Perkins, Polk pushed $52,000 into the pot, bringing the total to $43,000. The 9th player joined the table after Perkins’s call.

When Perkins realized that Polk had gambled all of his remaining US$160,000, he too began to sink. When did it all go down? Check out the clip down below to learn more.

On the river with Ace high, @DougPolkVids puts @bp22 all-in for around $160,000 effective, making it the largest pot in Lodge Poker history. Can Bill confidently judge a Pocket Queens situation?

Live coverage of the ongoing conflict can be seen here:

March 26, 2023 – Lodge Card Club Tweet from Lodge Poker Club

All of the spectators at The Lodge’s heads-up session were blown away by the phenomenal play they saw. These are some hands from the fight, which was broadcast live on YouTube, but hasn’t been rematched as of yet.


Pedro Inglés overcomes the bubble and day 3 at the Wynn Millions in Las Vegas

The Wynn Millions seems to have waved the white flag and given up trying to compete with the WSOP Main Event or the WPT World Championship, which has dampened the informative echo of the tournament.

The Las Vegas casino has presented a $3,500 buy-in Main Event as part of a festival that, despite promising less money overall than the most prominent tournament of last year’s Wynn Millions, has not lost its appeal. Previous editions of the tournament featured a $10,000 buy-in and a $10,000,000 guaranteed, both of which contributed to the tournament’s notoriety.

Testament to all that had been achieved with the Wynn Millions brand is that we couldn’t help but keep a close eye on Pokernews’ ongoing tracking of the main event. The three Day 1s have accumulated 1,314 entries, the guaranteed now reduced to $3,000,000 has been exceeded with much greater ease than in previous editions and the Wynn will be able to boast of delivering a prize of more than $624,000 to its champion.

Our colleagues at the tables on the Strip have spotted a Spanish player among the 52 hopefuls still alive after Day 3, half of the tournament’s original length. This review will focus on Pedro Inglés, who is currently in a late stage that has long since passed the prize bubble and will result in a payout of $17,262.

Identity and nationality conflicts with players with Latin first and last names are quite frequent in the follow-ups that reach us from Las Vegas, but the truth is that Pedro is a regular visitor to the Wynn festivals, as evidenced by his previous cashes in the Wynn Summer Festival and the Wynn Fall Classic. All in 2022.

We couldn’t confirm that this was the Hispanic circuit regular they were claiming, but we wanted to show our support for our coworkers, so we put Pedro on the cover.

However, when one of our players is in a major international tournament, we will analyze his current standing, his main competitors, and the most pressing challenges he faces in order to win.

Pedro is playing with 670,000 points, from the 35th place, a bit distant from an average that has already surpassed seven figures.

The table draw has been benign and has given him with position over the greatest stacks on his table. He will be able to try to challenge two of the top five scorers in the tournament, Zach Donovan and Cliff Ziff, and will have to counter the quirky style of attorney Mark Seif, a player who briefly achieved superstar status with a double up at the 2005 WSOP, battling Negreanu, Gus Hansen or the Full Tilt pros in the prime of his career, and who has once again become a regular face on the local circuits visiting Las Vegas since the casinos reopened after the pandemic.

Table 37

Qing Liu 1,050,000 (53 bb)

Seif, Mark 1,060,000

Zach Donovan 2,070,000 (104 bb)

Pedro English 670,000 (34 bb) (34 bb)

Ron McMillen 755,000 (38 bb) (38 bb)

Phung Dao 895,000 (45 bb)

Jason DeWitt 595,000 (30 bb)

Clifford Ziff 2,485,000 (124 bb)

Andrew Esposito 745,000 (37 bb) (37 bb)

At least the genuine Wynn Millions monster wasn’t something he had to deal with. Calvin Anderson, well known for his ease of winning tournaments at Pokerstars COOP festivals, is along with Alex Foxen the most recognizable name in the tournament, but what works in his favor over the former GPI No. 1 is that Foxen has 22bb and Anderson is a chipleader and will have 164bb to try to eliminate the shortstacks he’s been dealt at the table at the start of Day 4.

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