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Oscar Barriga, MAXelODIOSO, and Uriel Sandoval all had outstanding sessions on the best day to play, which was also the best day to play.

The best day to play has passed, and our grinder took part in defining the best online tournaments. At the conclusion of the session, they won the following prizes:

MAXelODIOSO, who placed second in Bounty Builder Series 2, received the highest payout of 20,337 dollars. Oscar xXROMmMEOXx Barriga (shown on the cover) finished in fourth place and won $10,839 in this event.

Uriel Sury8E Sandoval was the most active participant, as he won the Hotter 33 PKO and placed second in the Bounty Builder 82 for a total of US$6,815. Santiago santi.shrek Varela, meantime, placed second in the Bounty Builder 320 and won $4,532 in prize money.

In contrast, the kikesilvero grinder placed second in Bounty Builder 44 and won $7,774. Menguado, who placed one position lower in the Bounty Builder 5.50, got 1,214 dollars. Miguel Miguel ball9 Ball finished third in Bounty Builder 33 and earned $4,051.

Milo2408 placed sixth in the Sunday Special $108 for $1,635 Bounty Hunters competition. Allbusiness placed seventh in the second edition of this competition, earning $1,058.


  • This text appears to be reporting on the achievements of various individuals in online poker tournaments. It provides details of their winnings and placements in different events.

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